If you’re here then you’re in a treat because Pink & Unique now offers its own loyalty program to everyone. All you need is your email and register by pressing the ‘Rewards Wallet’ widget on the bottom right part of your screen.

You will be able to see your balance every time you visit our shop using this easy to use widget. Have fun collecting points today!

Only here at Pink & Unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn more points?

You can easily earn points anytime through various means like simply liking our facebook page and referring people to come to our store. It’s that easy!

We would even give you points on your birthday as our appreciation for being part of our community. You can see more ‘ways to earn’ points using the table above or on your wallet and your points will be automatically added to your wallet upon successfully accomplishing the tasks.

How to spend my points?

Earning points are fun and exciting, but it’s more fun to actually spend it! That is why we made it easy and seamless. Simply open the wallet widget, then click ‘ways to redeem’. This will show you all of the rewards that you can get and we would show our suggested rewards that you are qualified to redeem on top of your wallet.

Are my points convertible to cash?

Unfortunately, we cannot convert your points into cash. Instead, you can convert your points to monetary coupons on which you can use to reduce the cash that you need to spend on your purchases.

Can I transfer my points to another wallet?

For now, we don’t offer that feature yet. What we recommend is to use your points to redeem coupon codes then share it to your friends and loved ones! Now that is what a good friend is like.

Who can help me if I have issues with my wallet?

If you need more help and experiencing some issues with your points such as lost points or points not reflecting your wallet after doing the tasks, please reach out to our email info@pinkandunique.com so we can send someone to personally help you solve your issues.