MyBook Daily Organizer (Brand New Version)

MyBook Daily Organizer (Brand New Version)

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Size:  7in x 9in

This book has been revamped over 8years of different people using and recommending.  It is a daily, monthly organizer that has the month at a glance with blocks big enough to write in.  It the week at a glance with space to write task for each day and projects for the week that you see every time you open to the daily pages.   It has project sections at the end of each month for tracking, keeping up with meeting notes or whatever you feel like you need a separate section for.  It's called MyBook because it is a book for you to MAKE YOUR OWN!  The monthly calendar pages and week at a glance have blocks for you to write in the dates and numbers.  That way, you can pick this book up at any time and start your 12 month calendar.  Pages are not wasted by being pre-dated .  GET FREE STICKER BOOK WITH EACH MYBOOK PURCHASE.

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